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Financial Aid

The financial aid office works with students to help them secure funding needed to finance a graduate education and also promote responsible borrowing habits. Information in this section will help you get a quick look at how affordable a RowanGSBS degree can be. Additional information and how to contact the Financial Aid office can be found on the Rowan Stratford Campus Student Financial Aid website.

Please note: While Ph.D. students are eligible to apply for financial aid, additional funding beyond the stipend and tuition waiver may not be needed. Students enrolled in the Certificate in Biomedical Sciences program are not eligible to apply for financial aid. All other programs of study are eligible to apply. For further information contact the Rowan Stratford Campus Student Financial Aid Office.

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Financial aid is generally provided by or through federal and state agencies, foundations, corporations, and the University. Grants are regarded as "gift" assistance and need not be repaid, although they may carry certain provisions. Loans that are offered can be repaid over an extended period after the student graduates. Where aid is offered in the form of a work study job, the student is paid an hourly rate for work actually performed. Please confirm with the financial aid office if you are eligible for Federal Work-Study.

Financial aid at the graduate/professional school level is based upon enrollment. Aid is awarded on the basis of "financial need" as determined by federal guidelines. The University expects that students and their families will contribute to the fullest of their ability to meet educational expenses. Students who feel that they will be in need of assistance should request information and applications from the Rowan Stratford Campus Student Financial Aid Office as soon as accepted for admission.

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Financial Aid Programs

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School Code: 002609

Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid as soon as the application becomes available each year. Financial aid awards are made after class registration has occured. This allows the Financial Aid Office to confirm enrollment status and construct the applicants cost of attendance. Students who have applied and qualified for aid must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as one of the conditions to maintain eligibility for federal funding. Another important eligibility requirement to keep in mind is that students must be enrolled at least half time. For GSBS, half time is five (5) credits, while full time is nine (9) credits. Contact the Stratford Campus Student Financial Aid Office for more information about applying for, and receiving financial aid.

Announcements and Important Dates

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On May 12, 2020, the Treasury Department held a 10-year Treasury note auction that resulted in a high yield of 0.700%. The chart below shows the interest rates for Graduate/Professional Direct  Direct Unsubsidized Loans and Direct PLUS Loans first disbursed on or after July 1, 2020 and before July 1, 2021.

Loan type and interest rate:
Direct Unsubsidized Loans for Graduate and Professional Students: 4.30%
Direct PLUS Loans for Graduate or Professional Students: 5.30%

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