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Student Outcomes

Our program’s solid foundation in didactic anatomical sciences is complemented by a practicum course in which our students assist with instruction of Rowan-Virtua SOM medical students in Gross Anatomy. During this course, they are observed by our SOM faculty and receive feedback on their instruction ability. Therefore, our graduates are well-prepared to teach gross anatomy to medical students and other allied health students, such as those in nursing, physician assistant and pathologist assistant programs.

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  • photo of Nicole Robinson

    Nicole Robinson
    M.S. in Anatomical Sciences, 2021
    Instructor of Anatomy at Rowan-Virtua SOM

    2022 Outstanding Academic Achievement in Master of Science Award Recipient

    What sets the Anatomical Sciences program apart from other programs is the combination of rigor and support. Students in this program benefit from a curriculum design that tracks medical school curriculum with much greater access to faculty in smaller class sizes and more intimate instruction. This combination of high challenge with high support allowed me to exceed the goals and expectations I set for myself when I started the program. My goal was to secure a teaching position upon graduation of the program. I earned a full-time faculty appointment at Rowan-Virtua School of Osteopathic Medicine in 2021. However, my time in the program inspired me to continue my educational journey. The professionalism, warmth, and accessibility of faculty served as a wonderful model for educational leadership. This program helped me realize my desire to pursue a doctorate in Educational Leadership. I was accepted into and began a doctoral program in Educational Leadership in 2022.

    What started as a journey of digging deeper into the world of anatomy became something much bigger. A great strength of the faculty at Rowan GSBS is their ability to bring out the very best in students. They inspire you to believe in yourself and teach you how to go out into the world and do that for others. I am grateful to be a part of such a warm and supportive community.