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Designed as a seven-year, integrated experience, the first two years of the D.O/Ph.D. program are primarily completed in preclinical medical school courses. Prior to applying, the General Graduate Record Examination is optional (MCAT scores will not be accepted). In the summer before entering RowanGSBS, you will complete a seven-week lab rotation.

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Foundation Courses

  • Graduate Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology of the Cell

Skill Courses

  • Experimental Design
  • Scientific Writing
  • Critical Readings
  • Quantitative Methods

Focus Courses

  • Fundamentals of Neuroscience (Fall 1st year)
  • Neuroanatomy or Cell Culture & Stem Cells (Fall 2nd year)
  • Neurophysiology or Biomolecular Interactions (Spring 1st or 2nd year) 
  • Graduate Genetics or Neuropharmacology & Behavior (Spring 1st or 2nd year)


Additional Required Courses

  • Responsible Conduct in Reseach Training
  • Laboratory Rotations
  • Advanced Graduate Research
  • Thesis Research/Ph.D.