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Student Outcomes

RowanGSBS graduates are passionate about the impact their education had on their trajectory. Our graduates can be found attending prestigious dental, nursing and physician assistant schools, as well as working in academia, industry or government. We are excited to share alumni testimonials to showcase the benefits of a RowanGSBS education!

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Students achieving a 3.6 GPA and 500 MCAT are guaranteed an interview at RowanSOM. 100% of students meeting these requirements are currently enrolled in medical schools.

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"I enjoyed all my classes because they weren't easy - they challenged me... which pushed me harder to achieve my goals and do well."

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    Jamila Holston
    Master of Biomedical Science, 2017
    Student Doctor, RowanSOM, 2021


    2020 William G. Anderson Minority Scholarship from the American Osteopathic Foundation Recipient

    2017 Outstanding Academic Achievement in Master of Biomedical Sciences Award Recipient

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    Stephany McDonald
    Master of Biomedical Science, 2020
    Student Doctor, RowanSOM, 2024


    2020 Outstanding Academic Achievement in Master of Biomedical Sciences Award Recipient

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    Delis Tejeda
    Master of Biomedical Science, 2019

    Physician Assistant Student, 2023


    2019 Outstanding Academic Achievement in Master of Biomedical Sciences Award Recipient

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    Bela Desai
    Master of Biomedical Science, 2016
    Student Candidate, Doctor of Health Science, 2023

    From the many hours we spent studying, to the Wawa breaks we took together, my Rowan GSBS colleagues and I spent a lot of time together. These friends are friends for life. I will never forget the strong support system we developed and continue to have, even after graduation. The time I spent at Rowan GSBS was probably one of the best experiences of my life so far. I enjoyed all my classes because they weren't easy - they challenged me. Such challenges made me realize the kind of intellectual and bright students RowanGSBS accepts, which pushed me harder to achieve my goals and do well.

    Rowan GSBS gave me many opportunities to bring out my leadership qualities, even while having a full timetable of classes. It provided the perfect balance for me. I served as the biomedical graduate representative for FIMRC, volunteering at Voorhees pediatric clinic. There I read to and played with sick kids from underserved areas. During my time there, I was asked to conduct several informational tours of the school and the biomedical program to new incoming students. I cherish these memories because I never thought I would be given such an opportunity to teach and learn at the same time.

    The professors at GSBS were very professional and they knew the content they were teaching well. They were helpful in providing the answers to any questions I had. Several professors wrote me exceptional recommendation letters whether it was for work or school. Rowan GSBS professors really put their students before themselves, going out of their way to help them. The professors are usually conducting their own research which gives students opportunities to work with them. Professors tend to be flexible in working around students’ lab schedules, even for those students who simply want to shadow and gain some research experience. I did an independent research study with one of the professors there. He proofread my work and walked me, step by step, through the research process.

    I learned many skills from such professors that I’ve been able to apply to my daily life. These skills helped me strive to reach my career goals, and to get accepted on the Doctor of Health Science program. The knowledge, skills, and values I learned at Rowan GSBS will always remain close to my heart and the memories are ones I will always treasure. I often talk about my experience at Rowan GSBS with friends and family and looking back, I can definitely say I’m a proud alumni.

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    Venessa Heath
    Master of Biomedical Science, 2014
    MedExpress Urgent Care/Physician Assistant

    When I applied to UMDNJ’s (Now Rowan) GSBS program, I didn’t think I would get in; thankfully I did. I attended from September 2012-May 2014. Of course, school is school and there are always going to be stressful times. However, what I will be forever grateful for is that I learned how to study. Up until that point I would do what other classmates would do to prepare for exams or projects. I was so grateful to have gotten into GSBS that I didn’t want to take the opportunity for granted; I wanted to be a great student. I learned how to study, figured out what worked best for me, and that I had what it took to succeed in taking master’s level courses.

    I graduated summa cum laude. It gave me the confidence that I needed to apply to, get accepted to, and succeed in PA school. I graduated with honors from PA school and I attribute my success to GSBS. I met some of the best professors, two of which are Dr. Carl Hock and Dr. Deb Podolin-Whiting (who I’m still friends with today). Rowan’s GSBS is also where I met some of my best friends. I can’t say it enough, I will be forever grateful for my experience at GSBS.