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We're here to help you every step of the way! You can find contact information for our offices with the following link, or explore our faculty and their interests below!

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The faculty at RowanGSBS have a wide range of research interests in the biomedical field. Students in the Ph.D. program will have the opportunity to work alongside a faculty mentor and conduct cutting-edge research.

Please see below to learn more about our community of faculty members!

Acharya Nimish Anikin Mikhail Borukhov Sergei Caradonna Salvatore Chandler Daniel Chang Howard Cooper Katrina Demarest Renee Devilbiss David Ellis Ronald Francis Jeremy Goldberg Gary Gould Francois Henry Michael Hock Carl Holaska James Houbaviy Hristo Kumari Archana Leone Paola Loweth Jessica Manvich Daniel Markov Dmitriy McBride Sean Moss Eric Nagele Robert Navarra Rachel Neary Catherine Pestov Dimitri Rood Benjamin Shcherbik Natalia Spur Bernd Strich Randy Venkataraman Venkat Waterhouse Barry Weiser Brian West Elizabeth Yin Kingsley Aging, Calcium, Drug Development, Neuroscience, Signal Transduction, Vision Behavioral neurobiology DNA replication & repair, Neurodegeneration Behavioral neurobiology, Addiction, Cognitive function Models of Human Disease, Infection, Inflammation Ribosome biogenesis Behavioral neurobiology, Monoamine transmitter systems, Stress and anxiety Protein Degradation/Trafficking, Protein Synthesis/Translation, RNA Processing/Turnover, Signal Transduction Aging, Inflammation, Oxidative Stress Mitochondrial dynamics, Apoptosis, Transcription, Oxidative Stress, Cancer Developmental biology, Genetics, MicroRNAs Aging, Cancer, Cell Structure, Diseases - Human – Non Cancer, Inflammation, Neuroscience Behavioral neurobiology, Cognitive function, Monoamine transmitter systems, Psychostimulant drug actions, Traumatic Brain Injury Cell Death, Mitochondrial Biology, Signal Transduction Transcription Mechanisms Cancer, Cell Cycle/Cell Differentiation, Cell Structure, DNA, Gene Expression/Transcription, Protein Synthesis/Translation Behavioral Neurobiology Behavioral Neurobiology, Genetics, Neurodegeneration Cell death,, Autophagy, Molecular Oncology Models of Human Disease, Molecular Oncology, Stem Cell Biology Behavioral Neurobiology, Monoamine Transmitter Systems, Psychostimulant Drug Actions Developmental biology, Genetics, Transcription mechanisms, Meiosis and fertility Neurodegeneration, Models of human disease, Behavioral neurobiology Cell death, Models of human disease, Molecular oncology Behavioral neurobiology, Models of human disease, Neurodegeneration Mitochondrial biology, Genetics, Ribosome biogenesis Aging, Cardiovascular, Inflammation Aging, Cancer, Models of human disease, Signal transduction, Stem Cell Biology Developmental Biology, Genetics, MicroRNAs, Stem Cell Biology Tongue Genetics, Signal Transduction, Models of human disease Development::Gene Therapy, Genetic Diseases, Neuroscience Behavioral neurobiology, Models of human disease Behavioral neurobiology, Models of human disease, Monoamine systems Behavioral neurobiology, Models of human disease, Monoamine systems Behavioral Neurobiology, Genetics Aging, Neurodegeneration, Blood-brain barrier, Dementia, Delirium, Traumatic brain injury Mitochondrial Biology, Transcription Mechanisms